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Teachers’ trainings at BIS

Bloom’s International Schools believe in Continuous Professional Development (CPD) of teachers. Teaching is a challenging profession and there is a colossal research on its way regarding the profession of teaching. In other words, it is no more a passive art; it is rather exploring the hidden mental capacities of a learner.images (82)

At BIS pupils are regarded as the visionaries of our world which is undergoing massive changes. As such, we need to equip our teachers with the best and befitting methods of teaching. Our teachers work as mentors and facilitators on the learning needs of our learners, the Bloomians. We will not be wrong saying that our teachers are diagnosticians when it comes to learning difficulties of their learners. Keeping in mind the professional growth of our teachers, here at BIS, we organise trainings for the professional development of our teachers so that they are able to deliver their desired lessons as per the learning needs of the Bloomians.