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Our Primary schools pertain of five years of schooling. The five years schooling contains three years of Lower primary and two years of Upper primary. We use Oxford University Press category A curriculum as a primary source at this level. We follow Activity Based Teaching/Learning integrated in Cooperative Teaching/learning Approach. Our schooling is systematic and procedural. Bloom’s International has a discrete identity and shall keep its standards up as per the value driven educational approaches applied in Pakistan as well as the rest of the world.

We are cooperative in our teaching and learning approach and pursue basic elements of cooperation in our teaching/learning systems and procedures. We encourage positive interdependence, face-to-face interaction, individual accountability, appropriate interpersonal skills and reflectivity among our learners.

Apart from the rigorous academic standards, we are as lively and beautiful as life itself. There is a wealth of co-curricular and extra-curricular activities that we follow at Bloom’s International, such as sports galas, summer camps, quiz competitions and many others.