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About us

School Vision

Bloom’s International vision is academic excellence to the best services of both local and global communities.

School Mission Statement

Bloom’s International believes in academic excellence, elements of trust and credibility, learner-centred approach in teaching and learning, and a product of students who could play their roles as critical and global thinkers, leaders and problem-solvers of tomorrow.

Bloom’s International Schools is a new school system and it will be known in future as ‘A Project of Bloom’s International Schools System’. The project will extend itself not as a mushroom of schools, but as an elite class schools system (4-5 schools) that could contribute to every section of society. Bloom’s International is futuristic in vision and will produce students who could play their roles in different areas of life, such as teaching, medicines, engineering, information technology, scientology  management and leadership, entrepreneurship, are but a few to mention. Bloom’s International will stand aloof in terms of academic growth and spare no efforts achieving best for their students.

Methods of teaching at BIS

At BIS, we apply Montessori Method of Teaching at Pre-primary level whereas at the other levels such as Primary level, Junior Secondary level and Secondary level, we apply Activity Based Learning/Teaching Approach. At all levels, we use Oxford University courses. However, at Montessori level, along with the specially designed Montessori materials, we also use Oxford University courses for the reinforcement of learning in our young preschoolers.

2018-2019 Programmes

Montessori Programme (Playgroup, Junior Montessori and Senior Montessori)

Lower Primary Programme (Grades 1, 2 & 3)

Upper Primary

Junior Secondary

Future Programmes

Matric and IGCSE/O Level