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Bloom’s International vision is academic excellence to the best services of both local and global communities.


Bloom’s International believes in academic excellence, elements of trust and credibility, learner-centred approach in teaching and learning, and a product of students who could play their roles as critical and global thinkers, leaders and problem-solvers of tomorrow.

Director Message
John Dewy says and I quote that education is not preparation for life, education is life. We are living in a modern era where each day manifests a new challenge. To address the challenges of the modern age, we need to be fully aware of the intricacies of our world which is on its way towards the ‘global village’.

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Junior High


Admission to Bloom’s International Schools is open to students who display the potential to benefit from its programme of studies, and is subject to the availability of seats. Please view the links on this website and contact us for further information.

A Big Family

Building Our Community

Building a strong sense of community in Bloom's International Schools is both important and doable. Our school uses different Community - Building Approaches, that helps us to be a family.


What Parents Talk

The excellent teachers have inspired our daughter to set herself goals and achieve. She has loved her time at BIS. The strong emphasis on moral and character development, has far exceeded our expectations.

Shahid Ali Syed

We are impressed with the strong academic focus as well as the values-centred program the school offers. BIS really cares about the student as a whole and prepares them for the next step in their lives.

Kifayat Rasool

BIS is the best thing we ever did for our sons. We have been more than pleased with the fantastic education our boys are receiving. The teachers obviously love what they do and know how to bring out the best in their students.

Tahir Hussain

Featured Event

The Talent Show

Parents and students will be informed about the upcoming talent shows to be held at BIS in 2018.


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